28th October 2022

Where have we been?

The website has been a bit quiet, so we thought it was worth updating our regular readers as to what’s going on. Fear not our passion, motivation, and goals haven’t changed – in fact we’re excited about the next couple of months for our formal launch in 2023.

There were some private matters that took away some time however that wasn’t the main reason for the lack of new posts here by any means.

We have been writing checklists, guides, articles, and other great content so we always have something to post to help you on a regular basis which will be critical for our 2023 launch. We feel it’s important to have a bit of a bank or back up because up to now as we’ve been ‘playing around’ or testing our concept we learnt two very important lessons:

  1. That life can get in the way of your pursuit of your goals, as we alluded to unexpected life events such as a passing in the family or health scares involving your loved ones can (and should) pull your time and attention away. It’s not just about losing time dealing with such situations – time grieving, time supporting family members, time attending to wills or bank accounts and other end-of-life matters.

    It’s also that you simply don’t find yourself in the appropriate headspace, emotional state, or otherwise have the same level of focus as you should. We sincerely believe what we are doing is important and key to success here (being our readers becoming more confident in protecting their privacy and security) is producing well-researched, high-quality resources and those simply cannot be written under circumstances such as these
  2. We really are passionate about what we’re doing here and during our testing phases we found ourselves pushing and going over our deadlines. So many topics we wrote about branched off and the resources became bigger than we first envisioned because we didn’t want to omit anything. What we are planning for 2023 comes with a promise of being punctual so we need to have a pipeline of resources.

Essentially, we identified that there was a risk of not delivering on what we want to be so we’ve been working on that unpublished pipeline or bank of resources to draw upon when the hands of time or circumstance work against us.

We are truly excited for our formal launch in January 2023!

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