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Effective date: 12 August 2020

Unless defined differently, the terms and definitions of each party in this policy have the same meanings as defined in our Terms & Conditions.  This document applies to all comments posted to Privacy Rightfully content including website posts and social media posts. 

Users should also familirise themselves with the information found under the heading ‘User Content’ within our Terms & Conditions as part of these standards.

Thank you for being part of Privacy Rightfully and we’re happy you wish to comment on our content or reply to other comments made by other users.  Before you do though please read the following standards:

Liability: By posting a comment, you agree that your contribution is your own and take responsibility for it.  Privacy Rightfully, it’s employees or its collaborators will not be held liable for the contents of your comment.  Privacy Rightfully also accepts no liability for offense caused to you by or actions you take based on the comment of another user.  We make no representation that we are able to moderate comments to the standards outlined in this document 100% of the time.  Ensure you read our Terms & Conditions prior to commenting or acting on the information contained in a comment.

Copyright: If we receive authentic notice that a comment is in violation of copyright your comment will be immediately deleted and you may be blocked from posting comments in the future.

Privacy: Do not share your private or identifiable information within your comments.  This includes your employer, your location, your contact information including address, information about your family including their names. 

Nature of comments

The purpose of our comments section is to allow for interaction with us and other users under the following broad areas:

  • Ask us to clarify something that we’ve written that you don’t understand or isn’t particularly clear to you
  • Suggest an area of interest or a topic you would like us to cover
  • Share tips with other members about a process or change you’ve made or actioned

We want to spend our time writing helpful content and not moderating and censoring comments on posts.  Please abide by the standards below, we’ve kept them as short as possible:

We would love you to:

  1. Add new or relevant thoughts that expand on the subject matter of the content,  please read the whole article before commenting
  2. Make a funny reference or add a non-identifiable story as an example of the subject matter
  3. Offer constructive and useful suggestions or pick up mistakes in the content. Please note we write in Australian English and some words are spelt (or spelled) differently between Australian, UK, and US English.
  4. Be polite there will be people who know less than you about a subject matter, don’t berate them. 
  5. Debate is fine, but please don’t let it get heated
  6. Revise your comment before posting to ensure it’s clear and can’t be taken the wrong way or out of context

We won’t tolerate:

  1. We will not tolerate insults, harassment, threats, foul language, trolling, hoaxes and intentional wrong advice and racist or derogatory comments.  Users are here for a common cause and concern; we are on the same team.
  2. Do not belittle other members or make them feel silly for not understanding something and there is also no need to point out minor spelling or grammar errors either. Comment on the idea not on the individual.
  3. Don’t use this forum to promote third party companies or services, advertise business offers or solicit any votes, donations, surveys or petitions.  We will however allow some light promotion ad-hoc if we feel it is directly related to the topic at hand, any affiliation is stated clearly, and the comment is likely to help the member posting the question.  If you would like to make a post or comment that may violate this condition, we invite you to email us first and we will assess its suitability.
  4. Spam is not allowed, we don’t care about your new venture making thousands of dollars a day from your home.
  5. This is not a dating forum, do not make suggestive comments to other members. 
  6. Do not post any advice that promotes breaking the law (eg. sharing serial numbers) or posting of copyright-infringing material.  This also includes links to sites that do or sites of a pornographic / adult nature. 
  7. Do not post defamation of any kind or go on personal / professional rants 

Other guidelines

  • This is an English speak forum, please don’t post in another language
  • By all means discuss proposals by certain politicians or parties favorably or critically but we don’t want a ‘left vs right’ fight to take place.  Privacy Rightfully remains apolitical
  • If in doubt apply common sense, your comment is appropriate in that you would be happy for it to be attributed to you on the front page of a newspaper or you’d be happy to read it to you grandmother.

We reserve the right to delete comments and ban users who violate these standards.

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