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Disclaimer: None of the listed providers have a commercial interest with Privacy Rightfully.  We receive no incentive, monetary or otherwise, to list those we have listed below.  Those who are listed have been researched as strong candidates when it comes the highest privacy and security criteria.  However, please research each provider further to ensure their offering meets your individual, business, or other specific emailing needs, functions, and accessibility.  Privacy Rightfully accepts no responsibility for your choice and any consequences that may result – such as loss of content due to misuse of encryption, for example.

It’s likely you’ve found yourself reading this for one of the following reasons:

  • You’ve become more conscious of taking precautions when it comes to your privacy and / or the general security of your internet use.  Part of that is the realisation that changing email providers a great place to start.
  • Your current email account has been compromised and you may not be able to regain access to it.  Since it’s time to find a new one it’s likely you want it to be stronger when it come to security. 

This recommendation isn’t designed to be a highly detailed essay thousands of words long detailing the various features of each email provider.  The idea here is to do the background research for you and narrow your choice from the hundreds of providers out there to the few highly regarded and highly reputable ones.

Our top two listed below offer:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Open source
  • No logs policy
  • Their own iOS and Android app
  • Encrypted calendar
  • A free version
  • 2FA
  • Custom domains
  • Anonymous registration
  • 20+ languages
  1. ProtonMail: Our top choice as it uses open PGP and doesn’t have its servers in a 14 Eyes Country (unlike Tutanota)
  2. Tutanota: Encrypts subject lines (unlike Protonmail)

ProtonMail and Tutanota are highly regarded and regularly finish strongly in various reviews and objective tests of their privacy and security claims.  If that’s all you’re looking for or needed to know we suggest visiting the website of each one and choosing the one that suits you best.

Specific needs

We have focused on privacy and security first features however there are other features which may be of significant interest to you outside of our specific criteria such as:

  • Customisation
  • Levels of customer support
  • Cost of premium accounts or additional storage
  • User-friendliness of interface
  • Attachment limits
  • Compatibility for business use
  • Accessibility in other countries

If ProtonMail or Tutanota don’t interest you or meet your specific needs, here are some other honorary mentions worth looking at with your specific needs in mind:

Please note these seven listed email providers may not offer the same features which we’ve listed for ProtonMail or Tutanota earlier. 

This article is written in line with our Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer. As such all content is of a general nature only and is not intended as legal, financial, social or professional advice of any sort. Actions, decisions, investments or changes to device settings or personal behaviour as a result of this content is at the users own risk. Privacy Rightfully makes no guarantees of the accuracy, results or outcomes of the content and does not represent the content to be a full and complete solution to any issue discussed. Privacy Rightfully will not be held liable for any actions taken by a user/s as a result of this content. Please consider your own circumstances, conduct further research, assess all risks and engage professional advice where possible.

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