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This is where you will find our reviews and recommendations on prominent hardware, software, products, or services in the privacy or security industry. In the interest of objectivity we will very clearly state any affiliate relationships with those being reviewed or recommended (including direct competitors). Our reviews and recommendations are different in presentation and intent so below is a summary of each.


These are intentionally short and get to the point quite early on – typically giving the recommendation/s within the first quarter of the article. Unlike a review we’re not looking to dive deep into an analysis of features and compare those to a host of competitors leading to a recommendation after 2,000 plus words. Think of these like asking a friend for a recommendation for a good plumber or electrician – you want the name, number, and a little bit of information, but you’re not chasing the entire career history of that plumber or electrician.


Reviews are the opposite of recommendations in structure and intent as they do analyse the product or service, its features, promises, positioning in the market, etc. Importantly, our reviews are not recommendations by default – reviews may conclude by recommending the product or service, label it any manner of above or below average and everything in between, and even recommend avoiding it entirely.

Reviews launching late 2022.

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