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Effective 25th November 2020

Last updated: 25th February 2021.

Unless defined differently in this Cookie Policy, the terms and definitions of each party in this Cookie Policy have the same meanings as defined in our Terms & Conditions.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file placed in a web browser that collects information about a user’s web browsing behaviour. The use of cookies allows a website to tailor its configuration each user’s needs and preferences. Cookies do not access information stored on a user’s computer or any Personal Data (e.g. name, address, email address or telephone number). Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but users can choose to reject cookies by deleting their existing cookies, changing their browser settings, or rejecting the Cookie Consent opt-in box.  This may, however, prevent users from taking full advantage of certain websites.

Our website uses cookies to analyse website traffic, provide social media sharing and liking functionality and to help us provide a better website user experience.

To expand your knowledge, we have defined cookies further, highlighted the various types of cookies and the purpose they serve in a broad sense in an article we’ve written here

The cookies our website uses

wordpress_test_cookieTo check if a user’s browser accepts cookiesSession

A cookie set by our WordPress theme so users can view our page as per our theme settings1 month
_iub_csTo store user’s cookie consent preferences1 month
Cookies (2) set by a WordPress plugin to help users navigate our website1 month
jetpack_sso_wpcom_gravatarStores the URL of the Gravatar image to show on login page1 month
jetpack_sso_wpcom_nameStores the display name to show on the login page1 month
_wpfuuidA cookie set by a WordPress plugin for the functionality of our contact forms11 years

Third party cookies

We may also point from our website to other internet services that use cookies.  This is the case with payment processors, newsletter platforms, multimedia services and social media accounts.  To view content via a third party a user has to accept their specific Cookie Policy which we have no control over. 

Cookie Consent

Our website uses an affirmative action opt-in checkbox for cookie consent.  This box pops up on a user’s first visit to the website and any subsequent visit after a user has deleted cookies from their browser.  The consent form will not pop up again after a user’s first visit unless they delete the cookies from their browser or visit from a different browser. 

The Cookie Consent pop up box offers users the ability to accept, reject or customise preferences in relation to this Cookie Policy and subsequent use of the Website. 

Opt out of cookies

For a user to opt out of having our cookies on their device they will need to delete cookies from their browser in the first instance, below is this process on some of the more common browsers:


Once a user has done this any subsequent visit to our website will be met with the aforementioned Cookie Consent opt-in box.  At this point a user needs to click the ‘reject’ option.  Alternately a user can click on ‘learn more and settings’ to opt out of certain cookies being placed on their browser. 

Cookie Management

Given the nature of our work we have written about the considerations internet users should have in relation to cookies.  We’re proud to share these tips and considerations here.  This article contains the path to where users can manage their browser’s cookie permissions long term. 

Privacy Policy

It is recommended users consider our Privacy Policy in conjunction with this Cookie Policy to inform their use of our Website / Newsletter and the relationship we have with their data.  Our Privacy Policy is available here

Changes to this Policy

We may make changes to this cookie policy from time to time as needed, as legislation changes, or as the cookies we use change.  If we make changes, we will alter the ‘last updated’ date at the top of this policy, post to our ‘General Announcements’ section of the website, and include in our next newsletter. 

Contact Us

If you have a query, issue or complaint about Privacy Rightfully or this Cookie Policy, please email us directly at: or through our webform in the first instance. Our mailing address is listed below.

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