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Whilst the other rooms are doing a bit of teaching to various extents (and could be called class rooms too) we make the distinction that this is the one that gives you some work to do. Our Class Room is where we post our Checklists and How To Guides for you to use to enact what you’ve read about in other rooms or which you’ve recently learnt the importance of checking for. Here you will find:


The various places to look, things to check, settings to have, and flags to look out for to maximise privacy and / or security to the highest level you desire as a preventative measure. As a response measure we also have checklists which are a list of priority responses or actions to take if you experience a cybersecurity event (for example, you find one of your accounts has been breached). These events are very stressful to most people and they typically don’t know where to start so we help with that.

How-To Guides

More technical or complex processes which require a bit more support such as screenshots, step-by-step instructions, or just more detailed explanations to enact when compared to checklists.

Checklists and How To Guides are published in PDF format allowing for quick and easy downloading so you don’t have to return to our website each time you want to run through either. Checklists also have tick boxes to click on as you complete each item so you can see where you left off if you return to it later (don’t forget to save!). PDF format also makes printing easier for Checklists and How To Guides which don’t relate to the device you access them from.

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