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Identity theft 101


At Privacy Rightfully we are focused on helping you reduce the risk of being a victim to the malicious goals of bad actors. One of the consequences we often refer to is identity theft, so we felt it was worth writing what that actually entails beyond what people assume from the two words.

Cryptocurrency & private payments


The point of cryptocurrency has changed – the focus is now almost exclusively as an investment asset within the very financial system it was supposed to shake up and eventually replace. Importantly though, the privacy advantages of cryptocurrency have virtually evaporated, so what options are there for privacy-first ways of transacting?

What is it that bad actors want?


It’s important to know what threats you’re protecting yourself from by following the work of Privacy Rightfully. This article helps answer that question as most people don’t take cybersecurity seriously until they fall victim to some of the examples outlined throughout this article.

The importance of software updates


The importance of keeping your device software up to date is often undervalued and overlooked. However, we’ll explain why it is important and probably one of the easiest things you can do to service your online security.

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