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The risks posed by Interactive Insurance Policies



There is an emerging trend of insurance companies leveraging IoT devices or their own surveillance-based devices to harvest more data from our daily lives with the promise of a cost saving (amongst other rewards).  This is the typical ‘data for dollars’ business model trending at the moment whereby a product or service is free or discounted in exchange for user data.  Let’s have a look at some of the risks this can pose.

The Five Eyes watching


Since the Snowden revelations the scale of surveillance on ordinary citizens by the intelligence agencies of democratic western governments has been in the news and regularly debated. The Five Eyes alliance is arguably the biggest holder of the data gathered by the various surveillance programs and thus it’s worth knowing how the alliance is spying on you.

Malware 101


This article is an introduction to the various types of threats that can find their way on to your device and cause you all sorts of grief.

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