The Five Eyes watching


Since the Snowden revelations the scale of surveillance on ordinary citizens by the intelligence agencies of democratic western governments has been in the news and regularly debated. The Five Eyes alliance is arguably the biggest holder of the data gathered by the various surveillance programs and thus it’s worth knowing how the alliance is spying on you.

Encryption 101


It’s time for another instalment of our 101 series where we explain concepts and tools related to privacy and security in an introductory format and in plain English, avoiding all the technical jargon. Today we look at encryption!

Virtual Private Network (VPN) 101


Our 101 series of introductions into key concepts relating to protecting privacy continues today. VPNs are considered the go-to for the privacy conscious with many advantages and few disadvantages. If you only do one thing to protect your privacy, using a quality VPN should be that one thing.

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