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28th October 2022

Where have we been?

The website has been a bit quiet, so we thought it was worth updating our regular readers as to what’s going on. Fear not our passion, motivation, and goals haven’t changed – in fact we’re excited about the next couple of months for our formal launch in 2023.

Putting our money where our mouth is with Plausible Analytics


Many online businesses (especially online-only ones) rely on cookies and user tracking to profile who is and isn’t visiting their site, conversions from other sources and returns on marketing spend.  This information is typically evaluated, and marketing efforts are pivoted based what patterns the data provides.  Privacy Rightfully is committed to the privacy of its users and given one of our core mantras is making private browsing of the internet easy to achieve we’ve made a change to service this goal.  We are pleased to announce we have removed Google Analytics and replaced it with Plausible Analytics.  We believe, as do the good folks at Plausible Analytics, that website usage can be tracked without collecting personal data or personally identifiable information.  Plausible allows for the following privacy advantages to our users: Site measurement is done anonymouslyCookies and persistent identifiers are not usedPersonal data is not collectedData is in aggregate form only...

Standards for User Comments


Effective date: 12 August 2020

Unless defined differently, the terms and definitions of each party in this policy have the same meanings as defined in our Terms & Conditions.  This document applies to all comments posted to Privacy Rightfully content including website posts and social media posts. 

Users should also familirise themselves with the information found under the heading ‘User Content’ within our Terms & Conditions as part of these standards.

Coming soon


Privacy Rightfully will be launching soon, we hope our modest little blog will help you navigate through your privacy concerns and find what you need to know to take control of your publicly facing digital identity.

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